Advanced topics in the Gut-Brain-Immune Triad: It’s not all in their head, it’s all in their gut

PPT SlideS:

This presentation will focus on the inter-relationship between gut health, immune system function, and brain activity and how imbalances in one with affect the other two. We will look at how the gut controls immune response, and how altering the gut environment can serve as a tool to alter conditions such as PANS/PANDAS, autoimmunity, asthma, and allergies. We will also evaluate the effects of the gut environment on brain functioning--both directly and indirectly--and how manipulating that gut environment can improve symptoms such as sleep disorders, anxiety, focus/attention, aggression, speech, and multiple sensory processing disorders. We will look and some of the cutting edge interventions that are in development or currently available to both diagnose and address these issues and steps that parents can take to move their child forward.
James R. Neuenschwander, MD