Environmental Toxins, Including Tick Bites – How We Can Manage them Better & Enhance Detoxification

PPT Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi6lx2uy0woz6mg/Autism%20One%20%20May%202018-.ppt?dl=0

The environment around us is constantly changing and usually not for the better. We MUST be able to recognize, try to avoid, and then remove these toxins safely so they do not negatively affect our health and metabolism. Many children and aduts with ASD have alterations in their biochemistry and genetic polymorphisms, whereby they are disadvantaged in the ability to cleanse and nourish their cells ideally. We need to first identify the harmful ingredients to avoid (i.e., heavy metals, chemicals, GMOs, plastics, hormone disrupters, pesticide exposures) and then identify and treat effectively many of the complicated tick-borne diseases as well as fungul infections.
It is no longer "You are what you eat," but should be "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, WHICH YOU CANNOT EXCRETE." Once we can identify these harmful agents, we need to determine how to safely rid these toxins, reduce the inflammatory processes they create, and oxygenate the tissues in order for tissue repair to be optimized.
I hope to be able to share a great deal of information on how to safely repair ourselves, especially since many environmental insults are growing around us exponentially as WE NEED TO RESTORE OURSELVES TO A MORE HEALTHFUL STATE!
David Dornfeld, DO