Hidden Key to Sensory Issues–Innate reflexes and rhythmic movements – Sonia Story 2 of 3

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If you want to help your child develop better sensory processing, health and well-being, this presentation is for you. Learn why neurodevelopmental movement is a hidden key for resolving sensory issues, anxiety, learning issues, speech challenges and much more. In this engaging presentation, with videos, visuals, supporting research and case studies, Sonia Story will give deep insight into the importance of the innate reflex and rhythmic movements and why these neurodevelopmental movements are critically important for all ages. Learn how these enjoyable, easy-to-learn movements can help your child be free from a "fight or flight" existence and free from sensory discomfort. If you have already tried a sensory diet and/or reflexes, this presentation will surprise, delight, and offer hope.

Sonia Story