Naturopathic Insights to Help Heal Autism and Immune Dysregulation – Derksen

PPT Slides:

My goal of this presentation is to walk you through the hierarchy of how a parent/practitioner can start to treat and approach the most complicated situations. It starts with foundational diet and nutrition, goes into drainage and detox, then works into immune modulation, methylation support, inflammation and approaching microbes. If your child or patient is a non-responder, then something is being missed. If we start looking at the process of healing like a blueprint of the foundation our body needs to recover, sometimes it can make the most complicated situations quite simple. (But NOT always!) I want to share with you what has worked for me and give you some new treatment ideas you or your doctor may not have considered. As a Naturopathic Physician who also has full prescriptive rights, blending the best of both worlds seems to get us closer to the solution.
Amy Derksen, ND